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ZiniTevi offers you the best of free movie and tv show streaming for free straight to your device.

ZiniTevi latest version has a completely redesigned layout with collections from different production companies such as Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, DC comics, Dreamworks and many more, making it easy to navigate and very intuitive.
It compares well with the likes of CyberFlix, Titanium TV, Tea TV, Bee TV or Cinema HD as it has a large collection of movie titles and shows and to make them easy to locate, ZiniTevi has a section categorizing all the genres.
It can stream both in 720p and 1080p links. The downsides is that it could not download at the time I was testing it although it has a download button for movies. It also took some time to play the videos averaging about a minute or more.
But when it loads the movies or shows, the playback is amazing with high definition and I didn’t experience any buffering at all.
No need to continue paying for monthly subscriptions for movies and shows as you can get plenty more all for free.