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Vola Sports is a live sports streaming application that you can download and watch all your sports from NBA to Soccer for free.

Free tv is here to stay and these apps ain’t going nowhere. With Vola Sports you can be sure that you will no longer worry about getting home to catch the game as you can just stream from your mobile phone.
Vola Sports latest version now has a new look and logo as it was formerly known as Wow Sports Live. It let’s you alternate between dark and light modes which is useful if you have light sensitive eyes like me.
It uses the IPTV protocol which means it pulls out streams from sporting events from different categories like soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis just to name a few. Just go to the daily menu and select what you want.
Playback quality is really good for a 5mbps connection, (which is what I have) though sometimes it occasionally freezes but its nothing to complain about as it is very rare. And another advantage to this app is that it allows you to see the highlights of games already played.
Vola Sports is region locked in some countries so if you are unable to access the channels or all of the channels, you will need a VPN.