USTVGO Shut Down

Recent Nagra data showed that USTVGO had approximately 2 million visits in early 2021 and its popularity grew to an estimated 16 million monthly site visits. About a third of these site visits were from U.S.-based users. The main question users are grappling with is why the service would shut down at the peak of its popularity.

It is speculated that the shutdown may have been due to legal pressure. Unofficial apps like USTVGO operate in legal gray areas, and even though the service didn’t appear on the notorious piracy list of premium content providers, there’s always the chance that the axe will fall on any third-party streamers without valid licenses.

Users are upset about the shutdown because USTVGO was an all-in-one streaming service with over 90 live local channels. It also featured a variety of premium channels like Disney, CNN, Fox Sports, Discovery NGC, Disney, WWE Network, HBO, History, Showtime, and many more. In addition, this service was free and didn’t require an account or a sign-up process.

After the shutdown, some users thought the service moved their operations to their sister service USTV247, but that site also had the same ‘Sorry, we are closed’ notification. There were also rumors that the shutdown on both sites may be temporary, but their social media pages and email were offline, leading users to believe the shutdown may be permanent.

Many users opt for third-party streaming services because of the high subscription costs of many premium services. The few services affordable to some have a poor content selection, forcing users to subscribe to multiple services to sort all their entertainment needs. With the rise in subscription costs by most streaming services and the ever-high cost of cable, legal alternatives remain unachievable to many.


Personal information stored on your device will be made available to third-party apps from free streaming websites.

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Furthermore, your Internet Service Provider, app/addon developers, and the government all use your IP address to monitor your online behavior.

Your IP address is

It is recommended that users pair a VPN with any alternative third-party streaming site they choose, as streamers are getting penalized and authorities are paying them home visits.

One of the most reputable VPNs available is IPVanish, which helps mask your IP address so the government and ISP can’t track your location. It also encrypts your data, so it’s unreadable to hackers.

In conclusion, the reason for USTVGO’s shutdown remains unknown, but speculations lean towards legal pressure. The service was a popular all-in-one streaming service that offered a variety of premium channels for free and without a sign-up process, making it a valuable option for many users. As a result, it’s important for users to consider the use of VPNs when using any alternative third-party streaming sites.

USTVGO was a streaming service that offered consumers a selection of live channel alternatives. With a Firestick, Fire TV device, Android TV box, iPhone/iPad, and other devices, users could stream channels using USTVGO.

People that jailbroke their Firestick or Android TV boxes were fond of this free streaming website as it offered a huge selection of channels and categories for live streaming and had an intuitive layout. These were some of the reasons it was one of our Best Free Sports Streaming Websites.

One of the best things about USTVGO was that there was no sign-up necessary, despite the fact that there were advertisements on the website, and in addition, it provided live channels in a range of genres, including News, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, and others.

USTVGO Alternatives

If you loved USTVGO and the free service it offered, here are a few alternatives that offer free content for streaming your favorite sports.

Stream2Watch is a popular free sports streaming site offering a range of sports including football, soccer, rugby, college basketball and more. Despite frequent advertising, the site has high-quality links.

It has been cloned multiple times to avoid being shut down by broadcasters and can be accessed on any device without geo-blocking. It offers live streaming of major professional sports leagues from various countries including the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.

2. FirstRow Sports

FirstRowSports is a free sports streaming platform that provides live feeds of several sporting activities, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. Although it has a user-friendly design and offers streams of excellent quality, it also regularly shows advertising.

Due to copyright violations and repeated site closures, several clones and other URLs have been made of the original website. Geo-blocking may prevent some nations from accessing the website.

3. StreamEast

StreamEast is a sports streaming website that provides live and recorded sports events, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. The site is known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality streams, but also frequently displays advertisements.

The site may be restricted in some countries due to geo-blocking. The legality and security of using StreamEast for streaming copyrighted sports events is unclear, and users may be at risk of malware or other cyber threats.