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Tubi TV is an application that lets you stream free movies and shows on your android and ios devices.

They say most of these apps are illegal because they have pirated content from illegal websites, but Tubi TV is not one of them. This app is completely legal and you can also find it on Play Store.
In case you wanted to know if an app is legit, simply search for it in Google Play Store, if you find it, its legal, if you don’t it’s probably not.
Tubi TV latest version holds a selection of movies mainly small titles or low budget movies but has exceptional playback comparable to Netflix.
Tubi TV is in partnership with over 200 motion picture companies including Lionsgate, Paramount pictures and Metro Goldwyn Mayer. You will only need to sign in with your email or Facebook.
This app is not really comparable to Cinema HD or CyberFlix or Titanium TV because you won’t find any big titles or latest releases here but Tubi TV is still a considerable app if you just love movies of any kind.