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Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is an app that has the ability to stream live tv from hundreds of countries to your device all for free.

Another reason to cut the cord and stop paying for cable is Swift Streamz as it has all the channels that you are paying for.

With over 700 channels from countries all over the world, Swift Streamz will always have what you are looking for. It has a search button so you directly search for a particular channel.
It’s compatible with about 10 video players and with amazing streaming quality, this app will make you enjoy portable content from any channel and from any device.
Swift Streamz will also notify you of airing shows as it has a notification setting which you can enable or disable as you wish and if you have channels that you watch frequently, it has a dedicated Favourites section where you can save channels by long pressing on the logo.
Swift Streamz is a channel I can easily recommend since its reliable, video playback is in high quality with hundreds of channels.
Swift Streamz is region locked in some countries so if you are unable to access the channels or all of the channels, you will need a VPN. Click here for recommended VPN.