BeeTV is a media streaming app that allows you to watch your favorite movies and tv shows with high quality 720 and 1080 links for free. BeeTV is a well-known name in the world of internet video streaming. When compared to its competitors, BeeTV stands out for its high level of functionality. Read more



TeaTV has a massive collection of films from all over the world with a ​diverse selection of television shows in a variety of languages and is compatibile with various devices when running on the same computer.
With TeaTV you can watch content in high definition and create a customized collection of movies.. Read more

Cinema HD


Cinema HD is a free movie and tv shows app giving you a large selection and multiple features. Cinema HD APK is an Android application that enables you to watch popular films and high-definition television shows. It is not a typical movie app; rather, it functions more like a search engine for discovering movies and..Read more

Nova TV


Nova TV is an Android application that offers free access to movies and television episodes in high definition. It features a plethora of incredible sources for movies and television shows. Nova TV’s UI is very beautiful and clutter-free, which is a rare combination. Read more

Typhoon TV


Typhoon TV is one of the greatest apps for watching movies and television series on the go. It is completely risk-free and secure. We almost forgot to add that Typhoon TV is completely ad-free. Several apps have been released since Terrarium TV was shutdown, such as Cyberflix, Unlinked Apk, Applinked,.. Read more



Stremio is a cutting-edge media center that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your video entertainment needs. Easy-to-install addons help you find, watch, and organize video material. There are numerous ways to connect with your favorite films and TV shows. Sadly, finding beloved content isn’t always easy. Read more


Kodi is an all round media player that takes it to another level because it plays just about anything you throw at it such movies, tv shows, live tv, music, photos, PVR and Games. You can also get custom interfaces for it, known as skins. Its also compatible with Windows, Linux, Firestick, Android, Raspberry Pi, MacOS, iOS and tvOS.


TiviMate is one of the best IPTV playlist management app out there. With similarities to Kodi, you can add channels from M3U’s and other sources with the ability to edit channel names. TiviMate can be used on multiple devices such as Fire tv sticks and any Android device.



If you’re looking for a way to watch live TV, games, movies, and other media over the internet, you need to check out Rokkr. It’s both a media player and a browser in one. Everyone will have a great time thanks to this concoction. Because of this, the phrase “Rokkr” shows frequently in the top entertainment app rankings,. Read more

Swift Streamz


Swift Streamz is an app that allows you to stream live TV channels completely for free on most of your everyday devices such as Android, IOS, Firestick and more. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have access to a television at home or aren’t in your home country; if you want to discover some new… Read more

Pocket TV (Hindi mod)


Pocket TV is a Hindi movie-watching application that allows you to view movies, search for films, and link to a series of web films so that you may watch movies all in one location. Simply launch an application and enjoy your favorite movie. Read more

Viva TV


This brand-new streaming service, Viva TV, has swiftly gained popularity among the general public. HD links of all kinds, including 1080p and 4k, are working perfectly with it at this moment. One of the best features of Viva TV is..Read more



Filmplus APK is a terrific tool for streaming movies, TV shows, and other entertainment from a variety of sources that a derivative of Terrarium TV with some updated functionality. Using this program in conjunction with real-debrid will result in a similar user experience and popular categories. Read more

MegaBox HD


If you’re an Android user looking to watch free movies and TV episodes, MegaBox HD is a terrific choice. All of your favorite television shows and movies are available for free. That’s not all; the program continually..Read more



Designed to take the role of both Livelounge and Exousia, Media Lounge is compatible with touch-enabled devices as well as Android TV. Live sports broadcasts from across the world are available, as are movies and television shows from around the world. Read more

Cartoon HD Lite


Cartoon HD Apk is a video streaming app that allows you to watch a wide variety of videos for free and is t’s one of the best options. In 2013, it was made available only on Apple’s App Store, but Android users can now enjoy it as well. 



AnimeFox is movie and tv series app that contains thousands of free anime that streams in high quality. If you are a fan of Japanese anime, you are in for a treat as you can search for any anime series and movie and watch from your android phone or Android tv box.

AstonCine (Ad-Free)


AstonCine App Apk is an Android application that provides access to high-definition movies and television shows. It offers high-quality connections capable of 4K streaming.
AstonCine supports all Android mobile devices, tablets, firesticks, Android TV, and Fire TV devices.

Signup with Real Debrid for high quality links up to 4k with no buffering for as low as $3 a month below!



AnimeWorld is a fantastic application for enjoying the best of Japanese animation on your Android device. A large number of series and films are available, with content in a variety of languages, through this app.

CotoMovies (Mobile clone)


CotoMovies is a streaming apps that let you watch movies on your mobile devices for free. It is one of the best alternatives to Netflix because it is free even when you are offline and you can choose which server is best for you based on the quality of the video. 

CloudStream (Official)


CloudStream is a free app that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and anime for free. It’s open source, so you can download and modify it. A lot of people like CloudStream because it has Anime, which is a great way to watch free animated movies and TV shows.



With Crunchyroll Mobile Ad free, you get access to the world’s largest collection of anime through a simple streaming app on your smartphone or tablet device. You can watch more than a thousand titles, including critically acclaimed Crunchyroll Originals as well as episodes from previous seasons.

CucoTV [AdFree]


CucoTV’s latest version enables you to stream 1080p HD movies and television shows for free across numerous platforms allowing you to cast content to Chromecast, Roku, MiBox, and even PS4 and Xbox with CucoTV Mod APK.



All of your favorite ABC, Freeform, FX, and National Geographic shows are now available to stream in full! The ABC app has live and on-demand access to all of ABC’s shows.



CyroseHD has an extensive collection of movies, tv shows as well as local content that can be watched in 1080p and 4k. You can easily find what you are looking for by using its search feature and easily customize content by all genres like comedy, action, horror, romance, documentaries etc



FireAnime is a free program that gives us access to a large library of Japanese animation. Get access to a large number of seasons and episodes, as well as a diverse selection of content. Watch updated anime content and create your own playlist to save all your titles.



Flixoid is an Android application that allows you to watch movies and TV episodes in high definition picture quality with some content available in 4k. Watch with subtitles from more than 200 languages as well as a search feature so you can easily find your favorite titles on all genres.



Flixella APK is an Android streaming application that allows you to watch the latest that are still in theaters and the most award-winning TV shows in the world for free and in HD quality. Stream content from both major streaming networks like HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as your favorite channels.

FreeFlix HQ


FreeFlix HQ is a fantastic app with exceptional performance that lets you access and enjoy a wide range of multimedia material on your smartphone. With a simple search can help you locate precisely what you’re looking for, add it to a playlist, and watch it later.

HappyKidsTV (Mobile-Ad-Free)


If you have kids, this is a great fun filled educational app that they will enjoy. Featuring content like; shows, movies, music, rhymes, stories, cartoons, vlogs, DIY, activity guides, and more for children of all ages. Additionally it has more features like subtitles, adding a video to a watchlist, repeat mode and more.



Filmzie is a legal movie app that features tons of free high quality movies mainly from independent and small studios. It also features movies from large studios and you will see famous actors in them. It’s however supported by ads since it’s a free app.



DustTV brings you lots of intriguing sci-fi movies and series right to your devices as well as some of the greatest classics. Its a legal app also available on Google Play and also features short films and podcasts. You can get for mobile or android tv.



FilmRise is a legal movie app also available on Google Play that features free movies and classic tv shows. All movies and tv series are in HD quality and are all free forever. Moreso you don’t need to sign up as is usually the case with these legal apps. However since it’s free it comes with ads available on mobile, Firestick and Android TV



With FunPlay, you will have tons of fun streaming all your favorite movies and tv shows from your phone. FunPlay features a huge library of all genres of  both movies and show that you can always pull out from the search bar.



JetBox will not only let you stream thousands of high quality movies and TV shows on your mobile but also download them giving you the freedom to carry your content and watch anywhere. You can use the search box to find any content from all genres.



FlixHouse let’s you watch thousands of free independent movies and TV shows. You can enjoy quality shows and movies from all genres including action, comed, horror, classics, drama, documentaries, children, famil, romance and more. Additionally its available on mobile, Firestick and android.

Magellan TV


Magellan TV is an app with thousands of ad-free documentaries that you can watch on-the-go from your android device. They are documentaries from different genres including History, Science and Civilization all in high quality definition.

MocaFilm HD


MocaFilm HD is an android app that streams movies and tv shows from various websites in stunning high quality. MocaFilm HD has all types of content and genres including documentaries, history, action, romance, comedy, horror, mythology and so much more.

OneBox HD


OneBox is a movie and tv show app with thousands of content that you can stream from your android device.  OneBox will let you watch the latest blockbusters showing in the theaters and will also download episodes from your favorite tv series.

Terrarium TV


Terrarium is one of the longest running app for free movies and tv shows. Though the original terrarium was shut down, this mod still packs all the features of the original such as high quality links from thousands of movies and tv shows.



If you are a fan of classics from the 1930’s to 60’s you will love the Old Movies app as it has the most popular movies of that era. From King of the Jungle to Carnival of Souls to Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear, these old movies will take you on a journey to vintage movie making.

Movie HD


Movie HD will let you watch free movies and tv shows from all genres inluding Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Animation, Family, Sports, Crime and so much more. What makes it stand out is the ability to play 3D movies which you can find from its large catalog.



Lepto is a sports app capable of streaming live games including football, basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, racing, golf and so much more in High Definition. Since Lepto Sports APK is accessible from everywhere in the world, you can watch your favorite programs without worrying about whether they are offered on the app.

Football Live HD


Catch all your favorite teams from different football tournaments including UEFA, EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and more. Football Live HD is one of the latest entities app that streams in high quality with limited to no buffering, giving you a pleasant viewing experience.

Football Plus+ v2


Football Plus v2 another is football streaming app showing all major football tournaments in HD. Catch all your favorite teams from Premier League, Champions League and more absolutely for free.

Tea Sport


Tea Sport Live allows you to watch free live football on your mobile phone. You can also watch live streaming Football-soccer events without having to worry about monthly memberships and costs. If you have an iPhone, this is one of the only apps that can be used on iOS.

Live Nettv


Live Net TV will let you watch your favorite television episodes and movies on the go. Content may be streamed in both normal and high definition. The app has thousands of channels from different countries around the world including live games and it’s also available on iOS devices.

UK Turks


UK Turks APK is a great app for people who want to watch live TV broadcasts on their phones or tablets and is one of the best Android app that always tries to display the best content in the world. Additionally, UK Turks APK offers fantastic services to its users so that they may all now take advantage of Free Live TV Channels from across the globe.

HDtv Ultimate


One of the greatest Android pocket TV apps, HDtv, allows users to stream live TV on their Android smartphones. If you enjoy sports, this app is made for you since it primarily features sports channels. All local and international events will be broadcast live and it currently has access to more than 1000 live TV stations.

Radio FM


Radio FM is an app that allows you to listen to virtually any radio station on the planet. From nearly every country in the world, including the United States, Spain, Egypt, Senegal, China, and France, it has more than 10,000 different radio stations.

Kore (Official app remote for Kodi)


Kore is a simple app that allows you to control your Kodi media center from your Android device that’s also simple, easy to use. You can control your media center with an easy-to-use remote with several color themes, see what’s currently playing, and view relevant information such as movies, TV shows, music, pictures, and addons.

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