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Snappy Streamz

Snappy Streamz is another live tv app that stream live channels including live sports, movies and shows.

Using the IPTV protocol to pull out videos on demand, Snappy Streamz lets you watch live tv from your mobile device in very good quality from wherever you are so long as you have internet access.
No longer do you need to stick indoors to catch your favorite games as you can be away from your TV. With Snappy Streamz you have a large library of channels to choose from and you can literally spend the whole day scrolling through.
Snappy Streamz list of countries include;
  • Pakistan TV
  • India TV
  • Bangladesh TV
  • UK TV
  • USA TV
  • Afghanistan TV
  • Arabian TV
  • Punjabi TV
  • South Indian
  • Nepal TV
  • France TV
  • Indonesia TV
  • Australia TV
  • Portugal TV
  • Germany TV
  • Italy TV
  • Turkish TV 
  • Kurdish TV
And it’s categories are sports, religious, kids and wildlife. The app has all the major countries and all the basic categories you would expect.
Snappy Streamz is region locked in some countries so if you are unable to access the channels or all of the channels, you will need a VPN. Click here for recommended VPN.


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