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PlayView is an app that lets you stream movies and series straight to devices for free.

PlayView has a large library of movies and shows and if you speak Spanish or love Spanish content you will love this app as it has tons of Spanish movies and shows. It comes with a different orange theme making it stand out and I like how the sections are arranged which makes it very intuitive and easy to use.
If you are still paying for expensive monthly subscription for limited movies and shows from apps such as Netflix, you should consider using apps such as PlayView as it offers a dedicated Netflix section as well as other production companies HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so on.
The latest version includes a search button you can use to find a movie or show quickly if you can’t see it on the home page. And if you want to enjoy your content on a large screen, you can use the cast button to do so.
One of its downsides is pop-up ads which appear every time you select a link to play a movie or series. Though this can be prevented by clicking the back button or using an ad blocker.