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Movies Time

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Movies Time is a movie, tv show and live tv app that lets you watch for free on your mobile android devices and Firestick.

It’s such a good time to be alive. Gone are the days when you had to walk into a movie store to rent one for a week and had go back to return it. With apps like Movies Time you simply download it in your devices and search for a movie or show for free.

Movies Time latest version has a large library of movies and shows from both Hollywood and Bollywood. It also has live tv so you catch all your favourite games on the go wherever you are.
Movies Time has lots of Indian content as well and if you are Indian or a fan of Indian movies and shows, this app is definitely one that you will enjoy. At least it has much more Indian shows than Sofa TV which has a handful of tv shows.
You can also go directly to YouTube from a dedicated button on the home page. Some downsides of the app is that you cannot get other seasons from tv shows as it only shows the latest seasons and the home screen is kind of cluttered which can seem overwhelming for new users.