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MegaBox HD Lite

Features; Real-Debrid,

MegaBox HD is a free app that has free movies and series/shows available for you to stream or download.
The latest version of MegaBox HD has a wide selection of genres available from crime, sci-fi, documentaries, horror, action and the list goes on.
It has a very simple interface that is minimalistic but offers great movie titles from old classics, low budget as well as new ones. You can also filter new HD releases from a dedicated button.
MegaBox HD has been there for a while and its quality gets better with every new update and with its simplistic interface and less features, it’s size is small, which means it downloads into your device pretty fast.
Sadly it has no button for Real-Debrid or any other premium service. But you quickly realize that you don’t need Real-Debrid as MegaBox HD has high quality links.