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Live Lounge is app that has tons of free live channels streamed from around the world in HD quality. Live Lounge will let you watch free live sports, live news, live shows and movies using just your android device as well as ios.

Live Lounge latest version uses IPTV protocol to pull out links from different websites in the internet and you can allow you to set a parental pin or password if you have kids or if you don’t want your little sibling to watch adult content.
The app has a large selection of classic movies so if you are a fan, its got you covered. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have new movies. It actually has a section for the latest movie titles and even those that are currently in theaters but in Cam versions.
LiveLounge features are;
  • Favorites
  • Virtual Fireplaces
  • Sports Schedule
  • Sky Sport
  • BT Sports
  • Eurosports
  • Sports
  • World IPTV
  • Kids IPTV
  • Search Movies
  • Theater Movies
  • Christmas Movies
  • Search Series
  • Recently Added Series
And you can either use the default Exo Player or MX Player if you have it already installed.
One of the best features of the app is that it has a Sports Schedule where you can see match fixtures and the days when they will be playing.


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