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Live PlanetTV

Live PlanetTV is an application for your android and ios phone that allows you to play live channels conveniently for free.

If you think free live tv is going to be stopped, you are mistaken as many of these apps like Live PlanetTV will keep popping up as soon as one is shut down.

The government is clearly fighting a losing battle because this is a case of willing seller, willing buyer. The more there is demand for free live tv the more these apps come up.
The latest version of Live PlanetTV offers an extensive collection of live channels from US, UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, Arab, Pakistani and the list goes on. 
Live PlanetTV is region locked in some countries so if you are unable to access the channels or all of the channels, you will need a VPN. Click here for recommended VPN.
If you prefer watching your favorite content on a larger screen, you can cast it to your smart tv since the app has a cast button and if you can’t find a channel when scrolling through the app, you can use the search button to quickly find it.