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Live NetTV

Live NetTV is an app that lets you stream free live content from sports, news, cooking, documentaries to religious channels.

Gone are the days when you were worried about delaying paying your monthly subscription for live tv as apps like Live NetTV lets you watch free content without paying a cent.

Live NetTV latest version is more than just a live tv app in that it has channels from literally every corner of the world and you can always find channels from your country.
This app has mainly seven categories. I.e 
  • Sport
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Kitchen
  • Music
  • Children
  • Religion
Live NetTV is compatible with multiple video players and you can also use an external player from your device such as MX Player or VLC.
If you have not cut the cord yet you are no doubt going to consider doing it once it get a hold of this app.


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