Live local news stations from NBC and Telemundo are now available for free on Fire TV’s News app

A collaboration between Amazon and NBCUniversal will make NBC and Telemundo local news networks available for free on the Fire TV News app.

Ten local stations in well-known cities can now be chosen and streamed via the built-in News app for Fire TV devices, including four from Telemundo and eleven from NBC News. There are also Telemundo channels for California, Florida, Texas, and the Northeast,

In addition to the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, South Florida, and Washington, D.C.’s NBC news feeds. ABC, CBS, and FOX networks were included when Amazon initially offered local news to the Fire TV’s News app in 2021. A year or so later, FOX channels were added.

The inclusion of NBC channels completes the app’s lineup of the four main US broadcast networks.