What is Kodi?

Kodi a free open-source and media center software. Allows you to stream live or taped material from a variety of web sources to your television or home entertainment system.

Other ‘home theater software’ applications like Plex, Windows Media Center, and Emby are comparable to Kodi in their functionality.

First built for the original Xbox, XBMC was rebranded and renamed Kodi. As a result, Kodi has been adapted to a variety of systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux.

The ease with which Kodi can be installed, configured, and used has contributed to its rise in popularity in recent years. Local networks, connected storage devices, and the internet are all options for playing multimedia files.

This software can run on any computer or device you already have in your home theater setup (including PCs, Macs, Linux machines, Raspberry Pi single-board computers, streaming media players from Amazon and Android devices), and it’s free to download.

Computer Media Player Software

Aside from streaming movies and TV shows, music and games, Kodi may serve as your primary media center. It allows you to organize and access all of your media files from a single location on your network. Everyone in your household will have access to the same collection of entertainment thanks to this feature.

When using Kodi, you’ll be able to access and enjoy your whole video and music library. In addition, you can watch live TV and play games. Additional add-ons allow you to access a wealth of online material, including sports, movies, TV series, and live streaming of news.

Where can I find content on Kodi?

Kodi is a media center application that is both free and open source. It serves as a hub for all of your multimedia stuff to be streamed throughout your home network to all of your friends and family members.
All Kodi users can access content providers’ feeds through an internet service called TheTVDB.org. Program schedules can soon become out of date if users do not routinely update the information contained in them, as the metadata is changeable by anybody. It’s possible someone might submit an episode of a TV show with incorrect times, seasons, and episode titles, for example.
You can also play games on Kodi. You can choose from a wide variety of emulators, or you can just play your favorite game on its own. It’s easy to play games on the big screen thanks to the wide range of gaming controller support.

What are add-ons on Kodi?

Add-ons are extra third-party applications that  can be installed on top of Kodi to provide you with additional features, content providers, or functions.
Add-ons are available from a variety of sources, however they are only accessible through the official Kodi website’s streaming partners, such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix. Then you must enable the installation of unofficial add-ons in Kodi’s settings in order to install them.

Kodi User Interface

User interface (UI) is basic and straightforward to use in Kodi. Three columns are displayed on the main screen.
The first one is a list of all of your available choices (movies, TV shows, music, pictures, files).
When you click on an icon in the first column, a list of options appears in the second column. New users will have an easier time locating the information they seek as a result of this.
To switch between windows or watch a television show while composing an email, use the third column in the playback mode.

Kodi has different third party skins called builds that change its appearance and comes with a multitude of features such as custom menus and add-ons. See the best Kodi builds available here.

Is it legal to use Kodi?

If you have content that you own or have permission to use, you can use Kodi to watch or play it. Unless you have a license, this could be considered a violation of copyright rules in your area and you could be in legal trouble. Any illegal conduct is not supported or encouraged by Kodi.


As a multimedia player, Kodi is a fantastic tool that can transform any computer into a multimedia hub. The option to modify what you see on screen, as well as access to a wide variety of content and different ways to stream it over the internet, are all available to you.
Trying to understand all of Kodi’s add-ons at once might be a challenge, as there are so many options. When it comes to media playback, cutting the cable and bringing internet TV into your house, Kodi is the answer.


  • Excellent software for streaming multimedia of various kinds.
  • Extensive collection of internet content add-ons that are open source.
  • A broad variety of remote controls are supported.


This could be an unlicensed violation of copyright laws.
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