How To Update Kodi Nexus 20.1

This guide will show you how to install Kodi 20.1 Nexus on Firestick and Android. This is an update from Nexus 20 that comes with a few system improvements and performances.

If you have builds and addons installed on the Nexus 20 that are working properly, there is no need to update to the latest version because you will lose all of them.

Kodi a free open-source and media center software. Allows you to stream live or taped material from a variety of web sources to your television or home entertainment system.

We must side-load Kodi onto our Firestick/Fire TV because it is not offered in the Amazon App Store. Although it seems difficult, this technique is simple.

1. Go to Find and type Downloader or use Alexa voice search.

2. Click on Downloader.

3. Click to download the app.

4. Click the Home button and go to Settings.

5. Scroll down and open My Fire TV.

6. Click on About.

7. Click on the name of your Fire TV device.

8. Click on the name of your Fire TV device 7 times. After which it will tell you below ‘you are now a developer’.

9. Go back one step and click on Developer Options.

10. Click to turn ADB debugging on.

11. Scroll down and open Install unknown apps.

12. Turn Downloader on.

Installing Kodi

13. Click the Home button and head to My Apps.

14. Scroll down and open the Downloader app.

15. Click Allow.

16. Click OK.

17. Click on the URL box and enter type 860410.

18. Click Go and wait for the download to complete.

19. Click INSTALL at the bottom right.

20. Click DONE.

21. Click Delete as you no longer need the installation file.

22. Click Delete to confirm.

23. Click the Home button and head to My Apps under Settings.

24. Scroll to and open Kodi.

25. Wait for it to load.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Kodi.

Now you can install addons or build to stream movies, TV shows, sports and live tv.

I recommend installing CrewNique build as it comes with the best addons for movies and shows and its a lightweight build, meaning it loads pretty fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free, open-source media center software that allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the internet, as well as all typical digital media files from both local and network storage media.

Is Kodi legal?

Kodi itself is legal, but some third-party add-ons may provide access to copyrighted content. It’s important to only use official and legal add-ons.

How do I install Kodi?

Kodi can be installed on a variety of devices including computers, smartphones, and smart TVs. You can download the Kodi software from the official website and follow the installation instructions for your specific device. If you want to install it on a Firestick, read How to jailbreak a Firestick.

Can I watch live TV on Kodi?

Yes, you can watch live TV on Kodi using third-party add-ons such as TVAddons or IPTV. However, it’s important to make sure that the content you are streaming is legal. Some live TV add-ons may provide access to copyrighted content, which is illegal.

Can I use Kodi on my Smartphone?

Yes, Kodi can be installed on most smartphones, including Android and iOS devices. However, you may need to jailbreak your iOS device to install Kodi.

Can I use Kodi to stream movies and TV shows?

Yes, Kodi can be used to stream movies and TV shows using third-party add-ons such as Asgard, Magic Dragon, and Homelander. However, again, it is important to make sure that the content you are streaming is legal.

Can I customize Kodi to my liking?

Yes, Kodi is highly customizable, you can change the skin, add add-ons, and even create your own custom add-ons using the Kodi software development kit.

Can I use Kodi on a Mac or Windows?

Yes, Kodi can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers, the installation process is quite similar to installing on other devices. For more on how to install Kodi on Mac or Windows, go to

What are Kodi add-ons?

Kodi add-ons are additional software that you can install on Kodi to add new features and functionality. These add-ons can be found in the Kodi add-on repository or from other sources on the internet. 30 Best Kodi Addons lists down these addons and how you can install them.

What are Kodi builds?

Kodi builds are a combination of multiple addons that perform different tasks. Additionally builds change the interface of  Kodi giving a complete make-over. Each build has a unique interface and can also be found in from other sources on the internet. For more types of builds and how to install them, check out 30 Best Kodi Builds.

Can I use Kodi to play my own media files?

Yes, Kodi can play a variety of different media file formats, including common video and audio formats, as well as images and other types of media. You can add your own media files to Kodi and play them directly from the Kodi interface.