How To Install Diggz Xenon Build


Important Note before proceeding

Personal information stored on your device will be made available to third-party add-ons and builds.

This is why using a 3rd party addon or build like Diggz Zenon necessitates the use of IPVanish VPN.

A VPN service like IPVanish will not allow these third party add-ons and builds to access your private data.

Step 1. Open Kodi and click on the Settings icon

Step 2. Click System

Step 3. On your left, hover over to Add-ons and on the right turn on Unknown sources

Step 4. Click Yes

Step 5. Click back on the remote or keyboard to go back to System page and select File manager

Step 6. Click Add source

Step 7. Click None

Step 8. Type the following URL exactly as it appears:

Step 9. Scroll down to ‘Enter a name for this media source’ and type ‘diggz’ or whatever name you want and click OK.

Step 10. Go back to System menu and click on Add-ons

Step 11. Click ‘Install from zip file

Step 12. Click Yes on Warning message

Step 13. Click diggz or whatever name you gave

Step 14. Click _Install_MATRIX_19_Repo

Wait for Diggz Matrix Repository Add-on installed message to appear at the top right.

Step 15. Click Install from repository

Step 16. Select Diggz Matrix Repository

Step 17. Click Program add-ons

Step 18. Click Chef Matrix Wizard

Step 19. Click Install at the bottom right

Step 20. Click OK and wait for Chef Matrix Wizard Add-on installed message to appear at the top right after complete installation.

Step 21. Click Chef Matrix Wizard

Step 22. Click Open

Step 23. Select (Chef Wizard) Builds

Step 24. Select Diggz Xenon (v8.5.2)

Step 25. Click (Chef Wizard) Install and wait for installation to complete.

Step 26. Click Yes, Install

Step 28. Click OK to force close Kodi

Congrats! You have successfully installed Diggz Zenon build.

Open Kodi and allow for the components to fully auto install.