How To Install Cinema HD on Firestick and Android

This guide will walk you through the steps of installing Cinema APK on FireStick. This method is compatible with all Amazon Fire TV devices, including the FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, 4K Max, and even the Fire TV Cube. I’ve also included instructions for installing Cinema HD on Android TV, smartphones, and computers.

Cinema HD is a free movie and TV show app with a large selection and a variety of features.

Cinema HD APK is a free Android app that lets you watch popular movies and high-definition television shows. It’s not your typical movie app; rather, it’s more of a search engine for finding movies and TV shows of your choice. It will fetch and display freely available web links on your device. Cinema HD will always respect its customers’ dignity by not sharing illegal content with them.

You can watch a variety of feel-good movies, action flicks, and suspense thrillers with the cinema hd app installed on your phone.

The app’s interface is simple, minimal, and functional. It has nearly all of the movies and TV shows you want to watch. So let’s get started installing Cinema HD APK on FireStick.


Personal information stored on your device will be made available to third-party apps like Cinema HD.

This is why its important to use a Virtual Private Network like IPVanish that will not allow third-party apps to access your private data.

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Note: RobzKelloStreamz does not own or operate any streaming website, service, apps, addons or builds, and has no affiliation with any developers. Please be careful.

Is Cinema HD Safe & Legal?

One of the most popular FireStick apps is Cinema HD APK. Since it is a third-party service, RobzKelloStreamz cannot guarantee its security.

I used VirusTotal to check the original source URL (an online antivirus service). It contained nothing alarming, according to VirusTotal. The scan’s copy can be seen here:

Cinema HD’s legality cannot be confirmed by RobzKelloStreamz. In dozens of nations, the app is used by millions of people. We are unable to confirm whether it secured the necessary permits to distribute the films and television episodes.

My recommended VPN to use with Cinema HD is IPVanish. This is to avoid any legal trouble.

CinemaHD is not available on Playstore and this is how you can tell if an app is legal or not.

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Installing Cinema HD apk on FireStick

This also works on all Fire TV devices including the older generation

First, if you haven’t, you will need to install the Downloader app from the Amazon store to install Cinema HD

  •  Navigate to your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s home screen.

Please keep in mind that your home screen may look slightly different depending on the version of the Fire TV OS you’re using.

  • Scroll to Find and click on Search
  • Type Downloader and scroll down to click it
  • Click on the orange Downloader icon
  • Click on Download and wait for it to complete the installation

Ignore any prompts that appear when you launch the Downloader app for the first time but Allow for permission if asked to do so.

Allowing installation of unknown apps

  • Click the Home button and go to Settings on the far right.
  • Scroll down and select My Fire TV

Note: If you don’t see Developer Options, go to Settings > My Fire TV > About. Then select Fire TV Stick and click it 7 times to enable Developer Options.

  • Switch On the ADB Debugging
  • Click Install unknown apps
  • Click Downloader and turn it On

Installing Cinema HD

  • Open Downloader
  • Click on the URL box
  • Type or 523875 and click Go
  • From the Table of contents, click on Cinema HD or scroll down until you find it
  • Click on the green button and install it

And now you have successfully downloaded and installed Cinema HD on your Fire TV device!

Update app to the latest version if prompted to do so.


FilmPlus, BeeTV, NovaTV, TeaTV, Typhoon TV, and others on my Downloads page are great alternatives that can replace Cinema HD. They also have 720 and 1080p links that offer free movies and TV shows.

Cinema HD is an Android app that is installed with an APK (Android Package Kit) file. However, you can install Cinema HD on a PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks. Android emulators can be installed on PCs which allows you to install and run any Android app.

Cinema HD is a popular app mostly used on streaming devices like FireStick and Android. Its arguably one of  the best apps for streaming free movies and TV shows and is one of the longest running apks.

Cinema HD is an illegal app that’s why you wouldn’t find it in Google PlayStore. This also means that it’s likely to carry viruses for Android devices or tracking bots meant to crawl into your devices. This is why I always advise using a VPN like IPVanish to block and prevent illegal or third-party apps like Cinema HD from accessing your data.