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HDMovies is an app that streams movies at high definition video to your mobile device and Firestick for free. HDMovies is a movie-only app which means it will only stream movies but not shows like most of the other apps. But it does have a ton of movies from old ones taking you back to the 30s to the latest block busters.

It even has genres of all types such as action, adventure, comedy, horror, sci-fi, romance, documentaries and so much more that you can’t find from other apps.

HDMovies plays movies in high quality in high definition from 720p to 1080p and I didn’t experience any buffering at all while testing the video playback and the loading times were also pretty fast, again, if you compare with most apps.

The only downside is that it is limited to movies only and that you cannot download movies. It is still an app worth checking out.