Fire TV to Enhance Live Channel Experience with Integration of DirecTV

According to a recent announcement by Amazon, the integration of DirecTV and Amazon Fire TV will make your live TV viewing experience more convenient. This means that Fire TV users with a DirecTV subscription can easily access DirecTV content directly from the “Live” tab and guide options on their TV. Additionally, users can use Alexa to search for airings and tune in to specific channels on DirecTV.

Amazon also mentioned that users can enjoy similar live-TV viewing experiences with other live streaming subscriptions, such as Plex, Haystack TV, and Peacock, which offers different content options at a lower cost.

To add live TV streaming to your Fire TV, simply navigate to the “Live” tab located next to your profile icon on the home screen. Scroll down to “Options,” select “Live TV Sources,” and manage your services from there. This makes it incredibly easy for users to access their favorite live TV channels from one convenient location.