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Filmzie is another app with free movies available for streaming on your smartphone and Firestick.

Filmzie is a movie only app with movies from independent film makers and small studios. You will not find any box office titles or A-list celebrities on the app but it does have most of the genres such as; 
Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Documentaries, Sci-fi and Fantastic and Crime.
It has very high quality streaming and as I was testing it I didn’t come across any hanging or long loading times. However it’s limited when it comes to features. It only has a search button and a login button where you can also sign-up.
Another downside with the app is that it is limited to only movies and no shows and you will not be able to download nor cast to your TV.
On the flipside it has an advantage that help make up for that which is no ads. This is one thing everyone can agree to be a plus.