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FilmRise is another classic movie and show app which will stream on your handheld devices including android box and Firestick in high quality.

If you are anything like me who loves the feeling of nostalgia from watching old content, you will want to have this app as it has ton of classic movies and shows dating from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.
FilmRise latest version has a very minimalistic clean look which makes it easy to navigate. It has all the genres you would expect from most apps such as action, adventure, thriller, horror, romance, sci-fi, documentary and so much more. 
But if you are looking for a particular movie or show, you have the option of searching using its dedicated search button. However you will only be able to search for content that is available on the app. You cannot pic a movie/show out of the blue. Which brings me to its downsides.
You also don’t have the option to download content as it doesn’t have a download feature. The other downside or at least what I would consider a downside is that it has no This would be important to you if you need to tweak some settings to your needs. 
Other than that it is a great app with no ads and is worth considering if you love older content.