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Feature; Download
CyroseHD is an app allowing you to stream and watch free movies and shows straight to your device.
With the ability to download your favorite shows and movies, CyroseHD lets you carry all your downloaded content and watch them at your leisure without the need for an internet connection.
CyroseHD latest version has a white interface that is completely different from the rest but is really easy to navigate and intuitive.
I can comfortably compare it to Typhoon TV, Tea TV, Bee TV, CyberFlix or Titanium TV because it has very fast loading times almost immediate and the playback quality is fantastic.
With an extensive collection of new and old titles CyroseHD has so much more content available to stream than what the pay apps like Netflix or Amazon prime can offer.
Im not bashing pay apps because they offer seamless playback but CyroseHD surprisingly does just that all for free. 
This is one of those apps that has taken over the spots that belonged to Showbox or Terrarium TV and it is one I would easily recommend.