Best Buy has announced the release of new Toshiba C350 Series 4K Fire TV Smart TV models for 2023

Recently, Best Buy added the latest 2023 model year Fire TV Smart TVs made by Toshiba to its product lineup. These new C350 Series 4K TVs are an updated version of the C350 Series TVs that Toshiba released in 2021. The C350 Series TVs are positioned in the middle of Toshiba’s Fire TV range, offering better specifications than the cheaper V35 Series TVs, but not quite as good as the M350 Series TVs.

The new C350 Series Fire TVs by Toshiba for 2023 are currently available in 43-in, 50-in, 55-in, and 65-in sizes.It is unclear what changes, if any, have been made to the new 2023 model C350 Series Fire TVs compared to the older 2021 models that are still available.

Best Buy has listed the specifications of these new TVs, but some of the information on the product page seems to be incorrect. For instance, the 50-in model is said to have a direct lit backlight, similar to the 2021 models, whereas the other three sizes are advertised as having full array local dimming backlights, a feature that Toshiba typically reserves for its higher-end M550 Series Fire TVs.

It is unlikely that these new 2023 TVs will differ significantly from the models they are replacing from 2021. The new TVs will likely support Dolby Vision and HDR10 video with an average peak brightness capacity of around 300 nits, which is typical for mid-to-low-end 4K TVs.

To distinguish the 2023 models from the 2021 models, look for an “L” as the second-to-last character in the model number, since the 2021 TVs use a “K” in that position. The writer has contacted Amazon to inquire about the specs of these new TVs and will update their post if they receive a response.

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