Best Kodi Builds in 2022

Jailbreaking a firestick or Android TV box is the most common method used by cord-cutters to access Kodi builds allowing you to install a large number of Kodi Addons, utilities, and other resources.

A comprehensive examination of a Kodi build before installing it is essential in order to ensure that it meets your needs. Not every popular Kodi build will meet your needs, even if it is well-liked.

Installed add-ons, Skins, and other common settings can all be edited when using a build and are an excellent way for new users to get acquainted with the program and learn how to use it.

Builds are made up of multiple Kodi add-ons and repositories that are combined into a single package enabling easy access to Kodi immediately.

These often contain movies, television shows, live television, video games, adult content, and more.

You don’t have to worry about installing a slew of add-ons and customizing Kodi on your own since builds make it easy to use with many categories for streaming.

Even inside the Kodi build, you have the ability to customize numerous settings to meet your individual requirements.

These are currently the top best and working Kodi builds

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1. Fallout 19 (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Real Debrid, Sports

AddonsShadow, YouTube, The Oath and Alvin

In addition to the fantastic builds described below, cMaN has released the Fallout Kodi Version, which is a recent build.

A number of video addons are included in this edition, including , Shadow, YouTube, The Oath and Alvin.

This version of Kodi 19 can be installed on any device that supports it and a Real-Debrid integration ensures that users access high-quality streaming links.

Movies, TV shows, The system, Add-ons, Favorite content, and more can all be found in the Fallout vaults!

In addition to the add-ons already installed, adding a repository gives you the option to install new streaming add-ons at your discretion.


2. Atomic Matrix (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids Zone, Music, Real Debrid

AddonsKodiverseThe CrewSerenRising Tides, Daddylive, Daily Motion, The Endzone 19, Homelander, Jetproxy, Mad Titan, Nightwing The Loop, The Movie DB, Too Lazy, WOD, Embuary Helper, HBO Max, Paramount+, Pluto, Aerial, NFL Game Pass

New to the Misfit Mods Repository is the Atomic Matrix Kodi Build, a well-known Kodi build that works great on Kodi 19.

The Atomic Matrix build includes categories including Movies, TV Shows, Real-Debrid, System, Power, and many more.

Real-Debrid integration and more ensures that users may access high-quality streaming links.

In addition to the add-ons already installed, adding a repository gives you the option to install new streaming add-ons at your discretion.

3. Misfit Mods Lite (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Real Debrid, Sports, Kids Zone, Music

AddonsKodiverseThe CrewSerenRising Tides

Misfit Mods Lite is one of the greatest Kodi builds, with handy categories to help you quickly find or browse the content you want to view.
The UI is clean and simple to use, and it comes preloaded with a variety of top-rated Kodi addons for movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

How to install Misfit Mods

4. Doomzday (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Using Doomzday is a breeze due to its wizard, which includes a number of useful custom builds such as: The Mythical Beast USA, Templarious, House of Cards, Egyptian, Easy Rider and The Fabulous 50s to name a few examples.

Additionally, Doomzday has a wide variety of available Categories, including: , LiveTV, TV Shows, Sports, Horror, Movie Hub, Documentaries, Music Scene, Videos, Kids TV, and System.

Loki, Venom, The Magic Dragon, DeathStar and Seren are just a few of the many add-ons included in the Doomzday Build. You can also get YouTube, SportsDevil and The USS Defiant.

Make sure to remember that by installing a repository, you will be able to choose from a variety of various streaming add-ons for your personal delight.

While it’s small enough to run on the Amazon Firestick, Doomzday is an attractive and functional build.

5. Diggz Xenon Matrix (Kodi 18 &19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, Sports, TV Guide, Music

Addons: Homelander, Falcon, PlutoTV, TubiTV, TheMovieDb Helper, SkinHelper Service, Aerial, STIRR, Aerial, YouTube

The Diggz Xenon Matrix is a strong build with an easy-to-use UI that has recently been modified to function well with Kodi 19.

You can find everything from movies to television shows to sports to music to arcades to favorites on Diggz Xenon.

A wide variety of third-party add-ons have been integrated into the Diggz Xenon build, including: IT, The Crew, Numbers, Loki, Nole Cinema, Venom, and DeathStar.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, small-footprint Kodi build, then Diggz Xenon is an excellent choice.

6. AR Grindhouse (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV, AIO, Sports, Favs, 

AddonsThe CrewPatriot, Black  LightningOdd ‘n’ Ends, Asgard

Grindhouse has tons of builds available in their Wizard library for you to explore and experiment with, regardless of whether you’ve upgraded to Kodi 19 or are still using Kodi 18.

The Grindhouse Wizard provides a few compact builds that run without issue on low-end hardware.

If you’re searching for a feature-rich, loaded build, you have a lot of choices and thats why we have placed Grindhouse on our list due to its extensive selection of high-quality Kodi builds.

7. Resurrection (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV, Kidz, Sports, Live TV 

AddonsKodiverseRising Tides, DailyMotionFen, JetProxy, Mad Titan, Seren, THX, Umbrella

Resurrection offers a ton of entertainment to suit everyone’s needs from movies to sports to tv shows, live tv and kids.    

Resurrection comes preloaded with addons to get you ready for whatever you want to watch so you won’t have to go through the painstaking process of installing addons.

This build has a very simple theme with gold accents on the buttons and is also light making it load in a fairly short time.

8. Green Monster (Kodi 18 &19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV, Kids, Sports, Live TV, Music

AddonsKodiverse, Seren, Ezra, Homelander, Genocide, Alvin

The Crew Repo hosts an outstanding Kodi setup called the Green Monster Kodi.

Green Monster has a variety of sections, including: Movies, TV Shows, , Sports, System, Variety, Kids, Debrid, Power and popular extensions like The Crew,  FEN, Seren, Shadow, SkyNet, Asgard, Numbers and Ghost.

An outstanding Kodi add-on that works well across a wide range of streaming devices, Green Monster is a great all-around choice.

You can choose from a wide variety of categories when you use Green Monster’s user-friendly interface.

With a Real-Debrid integration, you will gain access to a wide range of high-quality links, including 1080p and 4k resolutions

In addition to the add-ons already installed, adding a repository gives you the option to install new streaming add-ons at your discretion.

9. Aeon Terror (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV, Sports, Live TV

AddonsKodiverse, Seren, Ezra, Homelander, Genocide, Alvin

Aeon Terror is one of the latest build from the The Crew in Blue Hats wizard with a ton of endless content. From movies, tv shows, live tv, sports, you’ll never run out of content to watch.

 Aeon Terror comes with a skin settings which will allow you to change to different skin types giving your Kodi menus a different feel if you love to customize that .

Additionally, Aeon Terror can show you how much power and resources each component of your pc is consuming so you can adjust or kill the power hungry apps.

10. Trancendent (Kodi 19)

Repository URL:

Categories: Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, Kids

AddonsRising Tides, Kodiverse, Apex, Asgard, Mad Titan, Nightwing, Seren, Ezra, The Loop

One more outstanding build on this list, the Trancendent Kodi Build, is a more recent build that can be found in the cMaN Repository.

The Trancendant build has several categories which are Movies, TV Shows, Free, Kids, Sports, Live TV, Favorites, and more.

Any device running Kodi 19 can be configured to install the Trancendant build.

Real-Debrid integration will supply you with a plethora of high-quality links, including 1080p and 4k possibilities.

Movies, TV Shows, Free, Kids, Live TV, Sports, Favorites, and other categories are available in the Trancendent version.