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23 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites For 2023

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world, and with the rise of the internet, it has become easier than ever to access your favorite films. 

However, with so many options available, it can be tough to know where to look for the best free movie-streaming websites. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 24 best free movie streaming websites for 2023, so you can find the perfect place to watch your favorite movies without spending a dime. 

Whether you’re into Hollywood blockbusters, indie flicks, or foreign films, this list has got you covered. So grab some popcorn and settle in, as we take you through the best free movie streaming sites of 2023.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to stream movies and TV shows securely online

It’s a good idea to utilize a VPN before using any of the services discussed below. As a result, many online video-streaming services are vulnerable.

However, despite our findings that these sites did not utilize dangerous techniques like malvertising, majority of these problematic websites track streamers via their IP addresses. As a result, your real name will be made public online. When it comes to online security and privacy, there is no substitute for a VPN.

Streaming movies and TV shows via a virtual private network (VPN) is as simple as following the instructions indicated below.

  1. Choose a trustworthy VPN: We recommend IPVanish since it is lightning-fast, free of malware and hackers, and able to unblock content from any country.
  2. Make sure you have the app for your chosen virtual private network (VPN) installed on your device. If you’re looking for a high-quality virtual private network, you’ll be able to use it on a wide variety of platforms.
  3. Connect to a VPN server of your choice after setting up the VPN software. Connecting to a server that is close to your current location is always a good idea. Connect to a US server if you live in the US.
  4. If you’re looking for a place to watch movies and TV series online, this post includes a list of 33 terrific places to do it.

For a detailed screenshot guide on how to install IPVanish, click here.

1. FMovies

Similarly popular and widely-loved, FMovies is another popular and widely-loved movie streaming site, as seen by the millions of users who have signed up for its services.

The service provides access to the most recent television series and movies in a variety of video quality options. Additionally, its interface is enticing enough to keep you interested.

The extensive movie collections, on the other hand, will keep you interested and entertained for hours on end. You will, however, be bombarded with advertisements right off the gate.

FMovies is a website that offers video-on-demand content in a variety of categories, including anime, country, most-watched, genre, and just published. Users will be able to streamline and filter the movies and television series that they choose to stream in this manner.

There are multiple mirror websites for FMovies that all instantly redirect you to the main site when accessed from any of them. This article contains a list of Fmovies alternatives as well as their mirrors.

  • Monthly traffic: 77M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Very High
  • FMovies website:


Large amount of content

Content is organized


Irritating ads

2. Goojara

Goojara is website that streams free movies and TV shows in high definition as well as in HDR for selected content. It has a very simple interface where you can easily see movies and TV shows and a dedicated filter where you can seach recent, popular, genre and so on.

Goojara is one of the fastest websites as it loads pretty quick and its more impressive as it has very few ads, usually just one.

  • Monthly traffic: 30M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Low
  • Goojara website:


Few Ads

Streaming is in high definition

Hundreds of thousands of movies to choose from

Extensive catalog


Ads can be a nuisance

3. 123Chill

Movies and TV series can be watched for free on this brand-new website.

123Chill is a free streaming site with a large selection of categories, outstanding navigation, rich content, smooth playback, and many more features.

Users are not required to sign up for anything. Because of this, you can go to the website and view the movie of your choosing as soon as you arrive. You can watch anything you want, whether it’s drama, horror, romance, mystery, or some other type of action.

  • Monthly traffic: 1.9M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • 123Chill website:


The library has a wide range of content.

Playback is silky-smooth.

Isn’t dependent on a monthly fee


Intrusive and annoying ads

4. 123Movies

One of the best websites for online videos and films is this well-known and long-running movie site. Because it is in 1080p, you won’t have to deal with annoying advertising interfering with your streaming.

Its homepage, for example, has a straightforward design, with only a search box and a category choice for quick access.

Unfortunately, viewers may have to press the play button multiple times before the movie begins streaming after they have selected it. It is not always the case, though.

  • Monthly Traffic: 1.5M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • 123Movies website:
  • Alternative sites:


Stunning catalog of content

User-friendly interface

Streaming is in high definition


Legality of status is shady

5. AZMovies

One of our best pick is AZMovies, which has been around for a long time and has a lot of content. If you’re looking for a place to view your favorite movies with no strings attached, this is the place. “It is and will always be free.” Also, it has a wide selection of high-quality movies that can be streamed in 1080p and 720p on the high-quality streaming platform. It’s worth a look, so give it a try.

However, to open a movie, you may have to click on it several times before it does. The average number of clicks required to start a movie was three, according to the experiences of users around the world. However, this was only the case for the first film of a session, after which the site was able to stream movies without requiring the user to open new tabs or browser windows (the ads).

  • Monthly traffic: 2M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • AZMovies website:


Streaming is in high definition

Hundreds of thousands of movies to choose from

Extensive catalog


Ads can be a nuisance.

6. Bounce TV

You can trust Bounce TV as a reliable streaming service. It uses an ad-supported streaming model, just like the majority of the other free streaming sites on this list. However, you need not be concerned because you will not be subjected to any intrusive advertising.

It’s a worthwhile site to visit because of the high-quality HD content. As an example, the platform has a quite limited selection of content. The site is mostly for African-Americans. Those that appreciate the genre won’t find this to be a problem.

  • Monthly traffic: 450K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • BounceTV website:


High-definition video is supported.

Ads aren’t intrusive at all.

Impressive to see a large collection of content centered on a single subject matter area.


Restricted access outside the United States

7. FilmRise

As a result of the large number of titles available for viewing, FilmRise has emerged as a major player in the film industry. Despite this, it is primarily recognized for its extensive library of classic films.

Apps for a variety of devices, including Roku, Android, iPhone, Firestick/Fire TV and a slew of others, are available for download and installation from the streaming website. Its user experience is appealing and will keep you engaged to the website for an extended period of time.

  • Monthly traffic: 131.4K
  • VPN compatibility: No. However, you can use it with split tunneling VPN feature.
  • Ad annoyance: Medium
  • Filmrise website:


A large and diverse content library.

Compatibility across several platforms

Visually appealing interface 


Annoying ads.

8. Flixtor

Flixtor allows you to watch TV series on the internet. There isn’t a single aspect of this platform that we don’t like, whether it’s the user interface, playback quality, or ads. “Fully Automated Video Search Engine” is a more remarkable claim. Please have a look at their statement; we didn’t find it to be a sales pitch.

You don’t need a security tool like a VPN to visit the site (in most countries). However, to ensure the safety and privacy of all your free streaming activities, we suggest using a reliable VPN service like Flixtor.

The “Error 1020 access denied” messages started popping up for our team members in Asia. So, if the site’s security system prevents you from accessing it, you’ll need a VPN.

  • Monthly traffic: 5.3M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Low
  • Flixtor website:


Extensive library

HD Streaming

Unintrusive ads


Shady legal status

9. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a more inclusive catalog unlike the other sites, which are confined to movies, TV shows, and sometimes documentaries.   It also offers tons of digital works in the public domain, including photographs, books, TV series, movies, and lots more.

You’ll be able to find anything from classics from the early 1900s to contemporary fare.

In comparison to the other streaming services discussed here, its drawback is a lack of video material.

  • Monthly traffic: 115+M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: None
  • Internet Archive website:


Free to use and legit 

Diversified content from diverse niche 

Ad-free platform


Not as vast as other streaming providers

10. Kanopy

Kanopy requires users to have a library card from a participating library, which makes it one of the most unique free movie streaming services on this list. Additionally, you can access its complimentary content by registering using a university email address. After successfully making an account, you’ll have access to thousands of films across a variety of genres.

The content selection is fairly limited in this section. However, the most intriguing aspect of this streaming portal is that there are no advertisements throughout playing, providing a smooth, delightful experience.

The site also doesn’t have any ads, and there is no limit on how many people can watch at the same time. This means you may view your favorite stuff on it from as many devices as you want using a single account.

  • Monthly traffic: 2.6M+
  • VPN compatibility: No, but you can still access with your VPN’s split tunneling mode activated.
  • Ad annoyance: None
  • Kanopy website:


No ads

Legit website

Unlimited streaming at the same time


Requires registration

11. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy has everything a movie buff might want in a streaming service. A simple search bar makes it easy for consumers to find the most recent movies and television episodes. In addition, consumers can choose their preferred media from a variety of categories, such as country, genre, and more.

To provide a smooth viewing experience, all MoviesJoy links are provided in 1080 HD. However, some advertisements may have to be closed before the desired material may begin playing.

  • Monthly traffic: 23.4M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • MoviesJoy website:


Streaming is top quality

User-friendly interface

Decent catalog


Ads may interfere with user experience

12. MovieStars

Despite being a newcomer, MovieStars has an impressive collection of movies. Don’t be fooled by the low amount of visitors to this site. You’ll be hooked to your screen once you visit the site.

We observed that the movie site had a low number of advertisements while we were testing it. As a result, given its excellent qualities, we fully expect it to gain popularity very quickly.

  • Monthly traffic: 245.3K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Medium
  • MovieStars website:


Good selection of titles available.

Simplified streaming


Inconsistencies with content uploads

13. MyBundleTV

When searching for the finest sites to watch movies online, SnagFilms should be at the top of your list. Netflix and Amazon Prime, two of the most popular for-pay OTT services, have some similarities to this free movie website.

In the center of the main page, there is a movie slider that allows you to easily browse through the available movies. With its different tabs for TV series and movies, you may choose your favorite movie for the greatest quick streaming experience.

  • Monthly traffic: 223K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Low
  • MyBundleTV website:


High definition streaming

Extensive catalog

Simple interface 


Typical directory structure

14. MyFlixer

MyFlixer has tons of movies and tv shows that steam in high definition, all for free.

Its got a simple user interface and the titles are well laid out for easy navigation and you are directly taken to the home page without redirection to other pages

MyFlixer has the latest titles just like most of the other sites on this list, however, if you plan to watch any of this content, be prepared to put up with a lot of ads.

  • Monthly traffic: 39M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes, compatible with IPVanish
  • Ad annoyance: Very high
  • MyFlixer website:


Content is well-organized.

High-definition videos


Ads that are a pain to deal with

16. PopcornFlix

As 2017 came to a close, another newcomer to the world of free online movie and TV show streaming, PopcornFlix, emerged. Among the more than 1500 films available on the site are works of comedic literature, horror flicks, action movies, documentaries, and world cinema.

PopcornFlix does not require users to create an account before they can start watching movies. So, all you have to do is go to the website, pick a movie, and start watching!

It also has an app for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android platforms.

A number of important Asian markets were included in Popcornflix’s 2014 rollout of its free movie and TV streaming service. In addition, it appears that viewers in India, Pakistan, and a few other countries are no longer able to access the site. In some regions, you may get the following error message: “You are accessing from outside our service area or we may be having a technical problem. Please try again later.” 

It’s simple to change your IP country using a virtual private network (VPN) to one in the United States or any other area where the site is accessible.

  • Monthly traffic: 1.4M+
  • It’s simple to change your IP country using a virtual private network (VPN) to one in the United States or any other area where the site is accessible. VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • Popcornflix website:


A fair library.

An easy-to-navigate system

Fewer commercials


Less movies than there are television shows in the collection.

15. PrimeWire

Online streamlined sites like PrimeWire also have a well-known brand. The site was previously known as “LetMeWatchThis” and “1Channel” before deciding on its current name.

Ads are everywhere, but the site’s huge variety of TV episodes and movies makes it worthwhile for us.

In light of PrimeWire’s habit of frequently changing its domain name, it has a number of rival sites, including SolarMovie and Tubi TV.

  • Monthly traffic: 353K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Very high
  • PrimeWire website:
  • Alternative domains:,,


Good quality videos

Decent library

Clean interface


May include pirated content

17. SolarMovie

Despite its relative youth, SolarMovie is quickly establishing itself as a top destination for people looking to watch free movies online in their entirety. A large number of high-quality links can be found on the free movie streaming website. It is possible to sign up for current updates, among other things, at SolarMovie.

Movies are also broken down by genre and country of origin. For those who want to view a movie based on their location, this feature makes it simple to do so.

Users get a unique movie experience as a result of all of this. In short, SolarMovie is a must-visit destination for movie buffs.

  • Monthly traffic: 486K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • Solarmovie website:


Extensive catalog

User-friendly interface 

Offers personalization


Interface is difficult to navigate

18. StreamLord

Easy to use, quick, and efficient, StreamLord is a streaming platform that everyone can utilize. Anyone can register for free on the ad-free website. It’s not required to watch movies online; in fact, you can watch them without logging in.

The “Stay Here” button on the Silk Browser will ensure that irritating advertising don’t pop up again if you use the browser made by Amazon. This is a great resource for anyone who enjoys watching movies and uploading subtitles to the site.

The nicest thing about the service is that it only features reputable streaming sources and popular releases with high-quality content. So you’ll never have to deal with choppy movies or broken links again.

  • Monthly traffic: 9710+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • Streamlord website:


Excellent features for live streaming

Allows video downloads

Offers ad-free experience


Limited in some countries

19. StreamM4u

With StreamM4u, users may sift through a wide range of categories and genres with ease thanks to an extensive selection of filters.

A backup icon appears underneath the movie icon, making it easy for users to find it. If your first choice doesn’t play over the conventional channels, you have a fallback here.

Before it begins streaming, you may have to click the play button several times as is the case with many of the other sites listed here. Almost no movie will experience latency or buffering after you start the procedure.

  • Monthly traffic: 28k+
  • VPN Compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: High
  • Stream4u website

You’ll never run out of amazing movies and TV shows to watch thanks to streaming sites like StreamM4u.


Allows you to sort content by category.

No ads


There is a limited selection

Not permitted by law

20. Vudu

Vudu is a video-on-demand (VOD) service that allows both paid and free movies and TV series to be streamed online. The alternative site  “Movies on Us,” free edition, does not have pushy advertising.

Aside from that, it provides access to an almost limitless library of TV series and movies and does not necessitate the creation of an account. Furthermore, there is no monthly price associated with the platform, and you are free to choose between a premium and a free plan..

Unfortunately, anyone living outside of the United States cannot use it. However,  you may use a VPN to view Vudu from outside the US.

  • Monthly traffic: 9.6M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Medium
  • Vudu website:


Compatible with Android and iOS devices

It’s free and legal

Interface is user friendly

Few ads


Limited content

21. Vumoo

There are a lot of popular TV shows and movies to choose from on the Vumoo webpage. Your web browser automatically launches an integrated media player when clicking on any of the movies listed, so you can watch them right there in your web browser without leaving it.

Users of Vumoo can also watch new releases from popular OTT (Over-The-Top) services like HBO, Netflix, and others. The selection of Japanese, Chinese, Hollywood, and Korean movies was especially appealing to us.

  • Monthly traffic: 11M+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Low
  • Vumoo website:


User-friendly interface

Available recent titles

Decent collection of material.


Shady legal status

22. YesMovies

It’s hard to see how a site with such a simple user interface could fail to rank highly among the top places to watch movies and TV series online. However, things don’t end there. In addition, the site offers a simple and user friendly search tool, making it easier for users to find the movie they want to watch.

You can also use the website’s TV Shows/Movies category at the top of the page to quickly find what you’re looking for  and  also has a News Tab, where you can find the most popular movies and the most recent television shows and events.

However, if you want to view a movie on this platform, you’ll have to hit the play button and the “Stay Here” button multiple times before anything happens.

Additionally, you should expect to see a lot of intrusive advertising when using the site, as this is the price you pay for the free service you receive online.

That, however, is not a problem for you. Ad-blocking software and patience are all you need to enjoy a fantastic HD streaming experience with your favorite movies.

  • Monthly traffic: 236K+
  • VPN compatibility: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: Very high
  • YesMovies website:


Huge content catalog

Customizable interface

HD video streaming


Legality is sketchy

23. Yidio

Yidio is the best place to watch free movies online without having to create an account. As a search engine, it enables people to find free movies on the internet rather than directly offering them.

Using the website is completely free and does not necessitate a user account. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a fantastic resource for finding free material online.

  • Monthly traffic: 63K+
  • VPN compatibility: No, However you can use a VPNs’ split tunneling feature.
  • Ad annoyance: Medium
  • Yidio website:


Easy to use navigate interface

No registration required


Not VPN compatible

Free online movie streaming services: legal or illegal?

If a site is free, that doesn’t mean it’s legal or illegal. Even if the site offers free services, if you can obtain the content legally, it is perfectly lawful.

Free streaming sites are no different. Watching movies online isn’t against the law, and neither is browsing media on these sites.

Copyright infringement is what really puts a dubious ring on things. Free or unlicensed streaming of copyrighted media is a violation of both the letter and the spirit of the law. As a result, you should avoid utilizing these services because they could lead to accusations of piracy.

Streaming sites are notoriously difficult for the casual user to verify as legal or not. As a result, we advise you not to stream the most recent episodes of your favorite movies or television shows. That’s because it’s rare for such content to appear on free websites without legal complications. Similarly, accessing information that is illegal in your jurisdiction via streaming services might be a hassle.

You don’t have to worry about legal action as long as you keep to watching old TV shows or movies, or accessing geo-blocked streaming content that isn’t specifically labeled illegal in your country.

The best places to watch movies and TV episodes for free online

We looked at a number of different streaming services and came up with a list of the 33 best and safest places to watch movies and TV shows online right now. Free with varied powers, but all of these sites are guaranteed to make you smile.

The ad-annoyance rating for each site is also listed below. You’ll know ahead of time how many adverts you can expect on each given page. All of these websites were tested with a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure that they work with a virtual private network (VPN).

For the most part, these websites are VPN-compatible. Split tunneling is a feature offered by most of the best VPNs nowadays that allows you to access the rest of your online activity without revealing your identity.

Installing a VPN for reliable protection when streaming is essential today.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your connection when streaming from these sources. It will shield you from prying eyes so you can unabashedly stream your preferred content.

Safe and secure online.

We have a solution for you, whether you require a Wi-Fi hotspot shield or secure file access. It’s easy to use IPVanish’s VPN and backup solutions to protect your entire household from internet threats.

Strong internet security.

IPVanish anonymous IP addresses protect your internet traffic from being spied on by third parties. Safeguard your wireless network, your location, and your online activities with the safest online privacy shield available.

Streamlined approach to data security.

Using IPVanish VPN apps, you can protect your online data with just a single tap. With advanced settings that help protect your online behavior automatically and without your having to remember, you can combine security and ease.