Best 3 VPNs for Streaming in 2022

3 Things to consider when choosing a VPN

Choosing a good VPN can be confusing especially if you have never used one before to know what you need out of it. But there are only three aspects of a VPN that you need to know before settling on one. This should also let you know what exactly you will need out of a VPN.



For any of your home-based activities such as working from home, gaming, or streaming your favorite television shows, you’ll need a fast VPN that can handle the large quantity of data that is transmitted through your coaxial connection.

Use of any VPN, regardless of how fast it is, may cause your surfing speeds to be reduced to a certain extent.

Additionally, the speed of the internet in the United States can have a significant impact on the performance of a VPN service, which can vary greatly depending on the provider and the state in which you live.



When I look for a VPN, reliability is one thing that I want especially if im paying for the service. Other than speed, which also falls under reliability, I want good service through out the use of the product.

What you also want to look for is consistency in service and no interruption in data protection, IP address encryption how easily you can reach them in case you need some help or enquiries.

One other aspect in reliable service is the variety of streaming sites. Some VPN services offer more streaming sites than others and of course the more, the better.



The way VPNs work especially when it comes to streaming, is that they have servers in different parts of the world in order to transfer data faster and reliably.

Servers are the most important component of  VPNs because the more servers there are scattered on multiple countries, the better the service will be in terms of channel accessibility, data protection and faster data encryption.

Streaming content from a different part of the world smoothly is one of our important points because no one wants a laggy buffering video that ruins the experience and that’s why the number of servers a VPN has is just as important.

1. IPVanish

While IPVanish does not provide unlimited simultaneous connections, it does provide an impressive collection of servers at a competitive price.

IPVanish is a high-performance service that can keep up with the demands of Netflix and online gaming. It includes all of the major features that savvy users expect.

In addition to having strong security, IPVanish does not perform extensive logging. Likewise, the speeds are excellent, if not industry-leading in some cases. Furthermore, it is an appealing VPN provider with a long list of features, including several that are not commonly found in other VPN providers.

Key Features

  • 2000+ Servers
  • 75+ VPN locations
  • Wireguard for fast connections

2. ExpressVPN

With Express VPN you can unblock popular streaming services such as Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, Peacock, Prime, DAZN and many more, whether you’re on vacation and want to watch what you’re used to or want to explore content from around the world from your home.

When you use ExpressVPN software, you can route all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which keeps it safe from prying eyes on the other end.

Additionally, you are able to keep up with all of your favorite streaming videos while also engaging in video chat with your friends at your leisure.

Key Features

  • 3000+ Servers
  • 160+ VPN locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth

3. Surfshark

Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer and YouTube all work well using Surfshark as a streaming VPN.

In order to access geo-restricted content on your big-screen TV, Surfshark is an excellent choice. It’s easy to use, which is great for new users, but there are a lot of options for customization as well.

However, if all you care about is having access to foreign Netflix, then the lack of settings isn’t an issue, and the unlimited simultaneous connections mean you can secure every device you own.

Key Features

  • 3200+ Servers
  • 65+ VPN locations
  • Kill switch