20 Best Action Movies on Netflix

Action movies have been the epitome of movie making since the earliest days and there is no better way to kick off and wind with a great Hollywood action flick. In this article, we list down our top 20 Action movies on Netflix that you might want to check out in 2022.

Hugh Glass, a frontiersman, is attacked by a bear while in the undiscovered wilderness in 1823, and he suffers severe injuries. Glass must use his survival abilities to find a way back to civilization after one of his hunting team members shoots and murders his young son.

The renowned fur trapper travels through the cold landscape in search of the person who betrayed him, driven by rage and grief.

Our take

The Revenant is well acted and with stunning visuals. The use of on-location shooting draws viewers into this setting.

Is The Revenant worth watching?

Fuse that with Leonardo DiCaprio, and you get one of the most fascinating offerings in terms of a bold piece of filmmaking.

2. White House Down

John Cale, a Capitol Police officer, has just been turned down for the Secret Service position that would have allowed him to guard President James Sawyer. Cale gives his little daughter a tour of the White House rather than breaking the unpleasant news to her.While he and his daughter are there, a paramilitary organization with lots of weapons attacks and takes over. Only Cale can save his daughter, the president, and the country as the administration of the nation disintegrates in anarchy.

Our take

This movie came after Olympus Has Fallen, with a similar plot, which is why it gets harsh critics but it still has unique elements and each character brings out their roles pretty good and some brilliant action scenes.

Is White House Down worth watching?

White House Down is a fantastic action film with two strong protagonists that almost borders on comedy. This allows the performers to play off one another and really show off their talents.

3. Cellular

Jessica Martin, a teacher, is kidnapped by violent criminal Ethan and taken to a distant lair where she discovers a damaged cellphone. Inadvertently, college student Ryan is reached when she attempts to call the authorities on the broken phone. Ryan is desperate to find Jessica because he wants to rescue her, but she is unaware of where her kidnappers have taken her, so he needs to work quickly to find her before his phone dies.

Our take

Cellular packs a lot of thrills into a short space while keeping the level of tension consistently high.

Is Cellular worth watching?

It’s a true blockbuster that has seen enormous success at the box office all across the world when it came out.

4. Titanic

The epic, action-packed romance “Titanic” by James Cameron is set against the tragic maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, which was once the pride and joy of the White Star Line and the biggest moving object ever constructed. She was the most opulent liner of her day, the “ship of dreams,” and in the early hours of April 15, 1912, she was responsible for the deaths of almost 1,500 passengers in the icy seas of the North Atlantic.

Our take

Titanic is an enormous success in every sense of the word. An example of how performers and directors may work with computer-generated effects without feeling overwhelmed by the technology.

Is Titanic worth watching?

Definitely! There is no denying how magnificent the film looks; it is clear where the money was spent. Its for those prepared to be amazed by a parade of marvels and willing to be carried away.

5. Clash of the Titans

The son of Zeus, Perseus, is unable to protect his family from the god of the underworld, Hades, since he is caught up in a conflict between the gods.

To stop Hades from deposing the gods’ monarch and destroying Earth, Perseus leads a group of soldiers on a perilous expedition.

Our take

The plot of Clash of the Titans is dynamic and stunning. The movie contains some dull and corny parts, but overall it’s enjoyable.

Is Clash of the Titans worth watching?

The plot is not really convincing but the cgi makes up for it and if you are a fan of ancient Greek mythology brought to life, this one is for you!

6. Colombiana

A little child in Bogota, Colombia, witnesses the murder of her parents by crime boss Don Luis and his goon Marco in 1992. A contract murderer for her Chicago-based uncle, Cataleya, who was given the name of a Colombian orchid fifteen years later, is now an adult.

Our take

Cataleya does her tasks with icy, terrifying efficiency and fantasizes about exacting revenge on her family while leaving a lipstick sketch of her namesake on every victim.

Is Colombiana worth watching?

With great ass kicking action, Colombiana is a smart, sexy thriller with a good story that propels Saldana’s star power.

7. Lucy

The once-carefree student is kidnapped by thugs who want to use her as a drug mule after her boyfriend connives her into delivering a briefcase to a bogus business client.A container containing a potent chemical is surgically inserted inside her, but it seeps into her body and endows her with superhuman skills like telekinesis and telepathy. Lucy looks for a neurologist in the hopes that he or she can treat her since her previous kidnappers are after her.

Our take

Lucy effectively co-opts a huge list of plot devices and clichés that are generally used by males in stories of this kind, which is a well-worn device in the repertoire of feminist action movies.

Is Lucy worth watching?

Lucy is a really fulfilling and engaging movie that benefits from the visual flair of the director and the perceptive and vulnerable performance of Johansson.

8. Zodiac

Fear pervades San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a serial murderer by the name of Zodiac prowls the city’s neighborhoods. The pursuit of discovering the killer’s identify and putting him to justice becomes an obsession for detectives and journalists.

Zodiac continues to kill people while taunting the authorities with coded communications, cyphers, and ominous phone calls.

Our take

The reason Zodiac is so hypnotically rewatchable may be because it accepts and celebrates irresolvability more than any American film of the last ten years.

Is Zodiac worth watching?

Zodiac releases the air after inflating the serial killer genre to gothic dimensions with its stygian darkness and spectacular killings. It is analytical rather than horrifying, systematic rather than brutal.

9. Underworld

Vampires and their vengeful werewolf adversaries, the Lycans, engage in a long-standing conflict under the cover of darkness. A skilled killer for the vampire clan, Selene is a vampire who was left orphaned after a vicious Lycan attack.

Selene fights Lucian, a cunning Lycan leader determined to put a stop to the vampire bloodline, in order to save Michael Corvin, a gifted mortal doctor who attracts the curious attention of the Lycans.

Our take

The gloomy comic-book vibe is nicely captured in Underworld cinematography and delivers a relentless pleasant fantasy epic.

Is Underworld worth watching?

If you ignore the critics but you are a fan of a typical vampire slaying movie but a combination of both Warewolves and Vampires battling it out, you will love this.

10. 300

In 480 B.C Greece and Persia, under the rule of King Xerxes, are at war. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta’s king Leonidas leads his severely outnumbered soldiers against the vast Persian army.

Even though the Spartans are facing certain death, their sacrifice motivates all of Greece to band together to fight a shared foe.

Our take

In addition to being a step forward for “virtual” cinema, 300 portrays a tale that takes us back to the bloody beginnings of western civilization.

Gerald Butler embodies the persona of a strong and able king or warrior that people would support in battle.

Is 300 worth watching?

Even now, 300 is still a lot of fun and if you are a fan of blood, gore, and violent scenes of the ancient Greece era, you will not be disappointed.

11. Warcraft

The orc shaman Gul’dan uses evil magic to open a gateway to the human plane of Azeroth in an effort to flee his dying homeland. Gul’dan gathers the orc clans into the Horde, a conquest force commanded by the fearsome warrior Blackhand. King Llane, the great mage Medivh, and the formidable warrior Anduin Lothar have banded together to defend Azeroth from these gigantic invaders. Leaders from both species begin to wonder if war is the only option as the two races converge.

Our take

This is essentially a two-hour conflict between humans and orcs that borrows elements from both Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings movies.

Is Warcraft worth watching?

If you leave your suspension of disbelief at the door and let yourself to be immersed in an entirely new mythology and adventure, it is a ton of fun to watch.

12. Spiderman: Homecoming

Young Peter Parker comes home to live with his Aunt May after meeting the Avengers and being thrilled by the experience. Parker begins to accept his newfound identity as Spider-Man while being watched after by his mentor Tony Stark.

Despite being sidetracked by ideas of being more than simply the friendly neighborhood superhero, he also makes an effort to resume his regular daily activities. Peter will soon have to put his abilities to the test as the terrible Vulture appears and threatens all he values.

Our take

With more power than he can manage and resentment at not being able to show it off to his friends, 15-year-old Peter Parker is the main character in this endearing, humorous coming-of-age tale.

Spider-Man: Homecoming shows us that superheroes don’t necessarily have to save the world, galaxy, or space-time continuum, which goes beyond renewing our passion for characters that live on Earth.

Is Spiderman: Homecoming worth watching?

With Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us a true comic-book movie with loads of action, lighthearted fun, and character development.

13. Geostorm

The world’s leaders united to build a complex network of satellites to regulate the earth’s climate and protect everyone after an unprecedented number of natural disasters endangered the globe. 

But something goes wrong a the system designed to defend Earth is now attacking it, and it’s a race against time to identify the true danger before a global geostorm wipes out everything and everyone along with it.

Our take

Geostorm is a typical armageddon, earth destruction style caused by human error with spectacular modern special effects that is best enjoyed in the theaters.

Is Geostorm worth watching?

Even though the plot is not unique in itself, the visuals and epic proportions of the world risking being destroyed by human causes still makes Geostorm worth a watch.

14. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Before villains Jonathan Reiss and Chen Lo find Pandora’s box for evil, fearless explorer Lara Croft searches for it. The package supposedly contains dangerous creatures that have the potential to harm millions of people.

In a search that takes her from Europe to Asia to Africa, Croft and her former hunting partner Terry are joined by friend Kosa. Croft defeats several male opponents while rappelling down cliffs, scuba diving, and other daring maneuvers.

Our take

Pure popcorn, lighter than air, and just a little bit oily describes Lara Croft. A rare summer sequel that is even more enjoyable than the first.

Is Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 worth watching?

Not really the intense edge-of-your-seat action movie but if you were a fan of the video game franchise, which the character is based and want that little bit of nostalgia, well definitely.

15. Passengers

When their spacecraft fails on a regular voyage through space to a new home, two passengers resting in suspended animation are woken 90 years too soon. When Jim and Aurora realize the ship is in serious danger, they are unable to resist their great attraction. As they prepare to spend the rest of their lives on board with all the comforts they could desire, Jim and Aurora fall in love. However, there are 5000 other sleeping passengers with them that only Jim and Aurora can save.

Our take

This film’s production design is amazing and idealistic, presenting a delirious vision of a world without flaw and a future that can be made flawless.

Is Passengers worth watching?

It’s difficult to categorize Passengers as a genre, although it definitely falls under the category of a sci-fi love story. The idea is brilliant, and it raises a fascinating question: Could you make someone live alone or with you for the rest of their days? The concept is brilliant and unique, the visual effects are astounding, and the cinematography is of the highest caliber.

16. Wonder Woman

Diana, princess of the Amazons, was a warrior who was taught to be impregnable before she became Wonder Woman. Being raised on a protected island paradise, she encounters an American pilot who informs her about the extensive battle taking place outside.

Diana makes her first trip outside of her house since she is sure she can halt the threat. She ultimately learns the extent of her abilities and her real purpose while fighting alongside mankind in the war to end all conflicts.

Our take

Gal Gadot’s nuanced portrayal stands out among the film’s dazzling visuals, masterfully designed action sequences, and good narrative. It flips nearly every gendered superhero trope it encounters.

Is Wonder Woman worth watching?

The tale is captivating, inspiring, and entertaining, and the battle scenes are superb. Its a heroine movie brought out right that is worth checking out.

17. The Matrix

Neo is certain that the enigmatic Morpheus, who is regarded as the most dangerous man alive, can provide an explanation for what the Matrix is. Trinity, a stunning stranger who contacts Neo and guides him into an underworld where he encounters Morpheus, contacts him. They engage in a bloody struggle for their life with a group of cunning covert operatives. Truth be told, Neo could lose something more priceless than his life if he does.

Our take

The Matrix, which introduced breath-taking “bullet-time” action sequences influenced by Asian martial arts, nonetheless holds up as a furiously thrilling and unsettling futurist thriller.

Is Matrix worth watching?

The Matrix defies its narrative flaws by its impact and insight—qualities that continue to characterize the Wachowskis’ own brand of ambitious entertainment—by staying so approachable yet cerebral.

18. The Machinist

Trevor Reznik, a factory worker, has such acute insomnia that it has negatively impacted both his weight and his mental health. Trevor’s problems escalate when he unwittingly causes a workplace accident that leaves a coworker with horrific injuries. Trevor continues to spiral into paranoia despite having a connection with the attractive prostitute Stevie, attributing his difficulties to the mysterious Ivan.

Our take

The Machinist is a fantastic psychological horror tale with superb directing. It is impossible to ignore the questionable allure of the sight of the skin-and-bone of Christian Bale, who may be putting his health at risk for the sake of his craft.

Is Machinist worth watching?

Its worth it. The film is thrilling and engaging with a brilliant and daring performance by the protagonist.

19. Troy

The conflict between the ancient kingdoms of Troy and Sparta is depicted in this epic, which is based on Homer’s “Iliad.” Trojan prince Paris falls in love with Spartan King Menelaus’ wife, Helen, and brings her back to Troy while on a visit.


King Agamemnon, the brother of Menelaus, uses his brother’s wrath as justification to make war on Troy, the final country standing in his way of gaining dominance over the Aegean Sea. Agamemnon had already routed every army in Greece.

Our take

It’s more of a historical war film than an action movie. Some of the finest combat and fight scenes you will ever watch. The CGI, set design, and costumes are all top-notch.

Is Troy worth watching?

Brad Pit delivers a strong performance. You are lavishly given a visual representation of the Trojan War and meets your needs if you’re in the mood for a sword-and-sandal epic

20. Assassins Creed

Through the use of cutting-edge technology that decodes the genetic memories stored inside his DNA, Cal Lynch journeys back in time to 15th-century Spain. He experiences what his distant ancestor Aguilar de Nerha did as a member of the Assassins, a covert organization that battles the Templar Order’s desire for dominance.

The Assassins struggle to defend free choice.Changed by the past, Cal starts to acquire the knowledge and physical abilities required to confront the tyrannical organization in the present.

Our take

Maybe the greatest video game adaption available. Its refusal to attempt to define anything beyond the scope of the plot has a certain purity.

Is Assassins Creed worth watching?

Compared to other video game movies you may have watched in the last five years, this one has a better cast and a higher production value..