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Vuuzle is an app that will allow you to stream movies, news and sports for free from your mobile device and Firestick.

You will be able to watch movies but the app has limited movies and they are not big budget movies but from smaller production companies similar to Filmzie and the sports and news are not really live but prerecorded. The sports category have all the major sports games including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Tennis, Golf and so on albeit prerecorded.
Vuuzle also has a limited number of genres compared to most streaming apps. You will only find about 10 genres. But it has the main ones such as Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi and Documentaries.
Another thing is that it does have a search button but again you will only search for movies that are available in the app so don’t expect to type Avengers and find it.
Vuuzle is pretty new so maybe that could be the reason for the limited number of movies. Hopefully the devs will expand its library.